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Here's what golf course Superintendents are saying about Shredit MOWER Blades:

"We use them all year round.  It saves us a lot of time blowing and sweeping grass and leaves.  They are especially great for twigs and wet leaves.  We have Shredit MOWER Blades on all our decks and plan to but them for each new piece of equipment we purchase."
Steve - Walden Golf & Turf (216) 562-6684

"The Shredit MOWER Blades are excellent in wet grass!  There is no clumping."
Ed - Brookledge Golf Course (330) 971-8417

"We are real happy with the performance of Shredit MOWER Blades and have no complaints - they do what they claim to do!"
Bob - Ironwood Golf Course (216) 278-7171

The Shredit MOWER Blades are excellent blade!"
Lamar - Lakeview Golf Course (330) 877-2390

"We use them all year around and save a lot of pick-up time.  For leave and debris - you can't beat Shredit MOWER Blades."
Ron - Rosemont Country Club (330) 666-5611

"We really like Shredit MOWER Blades especially for leaves!"
Mike - Valleaire Golf Course (216) 237-9192

"We had a bad clumping problem before we purchased Shredit MOWER Blades, but have no problem now!  They are very good blades."
Charlie - Turkeyfoot Golf Course (330) 644-4651